A terrible mistake was made on my album and I want to correct it here. The following people were not given proper credit in the role(s) that they played to help complete "One & Only Me":

Photography: Moses Robinson
Makeup: Jessica Bell

I also want to take this opportunity to thank some additional people who gave great encouragement to me. I wasn't able to include you specifically in my thank you's on the album, but I offer my gratitude to you here on the internet. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone else. This is in no particular order:

Cherise Jefferson
Akua "K-K" Perry
Muriel Murray
James Guilford
Karla Fields
Taheera Ab'Dallah
Roger and Lynn Murdock
Joe Durbin
Yoland Franks
Daniel Maddox, Sr.
Angie Maddox
Weili "William" Xia
Robert Hoshino
Nana Akiyama
Rina Yoshikoshi
Ichiro Minamikawa
Junko Usui
Max Asamura
Matt Simon
Greg Werner
Lauren Steinberg
Alicia Akins
Harold & Penny Ector
Leslie Braithwaite
Dale Nordenberg
Seth Jutan
Toy Jackson
Sheila Evans
Tracy Evans
Nancy Fleurencois
Ron Gore
Trey Hawkins
Maxine Liggs
Vanessa Lopes
Steven Lubel
Michael and Belinda Gaston
Jammie Patton
Roy Ping
Megan Raught
Bryan Richardson
Chiyo Tanaka
Stephanie Traylor
Brittany Cunningham
Nicole Fambro
Jim & Sue Towhey

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